"Feed me with your love"


"Feed me with your love"


Sakurai called Chrom boring and not unique enough to be a playable character then still lovingly rendered an amazingly detailed character model in 1080p that you’ll never see up close and for longer than 5 seconds.

This is why Sakurai is always on the verge of death.

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My favourite moment from an animated show

Watch this high it’s incredible

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Jeff Goldblum

The pull out king

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cho-thelittlebutterfly replied to your post: Help! I’m being framed! Someone is acc…

((—doesn’t know what to do, so sprinkles shiny glitter— Stop framing Qhj!))

Thank you, little butterfly. Now maybe this evil person will stop framing me, and saying that I’m rping as this “Uncle ray” character. I’ve never heard of him in my life!

Help! I’m being framed! Someone is accusing me of things I haven’t done!


quick warmup doodle man my hands are shaky ;~;


quick warmup doodle 
man my hands are shaky ;~;

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